Good reads or tips for graphic designers & business owners alike.

The Anatomy of a Successful Business Homepage Design

It is common knowledge that the homepage of a website is one of the most important pages. It is what you see when you go to any site, and it's the location where visitors will decide whether or...

8 Mistakes to watch out for In Print Design

Print design is a powerful marketing tool that you need to have down pat in your skillset. When using physical marketing materials, if you don't do it right, you could end up just wasting money instead. Here are...

The Typography Bible: Your Ultimate Guide To Stunning Fonts

Attractive typography can make or break your design. Fonts play a huge part in delivering the message you're trying to convey, and if you use the wrong fonts, your message could be ignored, simply because you can't read...

Cmyk Vs Rgb: It Matters in Attractive Designs

You've got a bangin' new logo, and you want to use it on your business card. You get a winning one designed, and get some printed, but the colors don't come out as expected. You're disappointed and feel...

5 Tips To Beat Creative Block

You have spent months pumping out awesome, creative ideas from that beautiful brain of yours. You’re in the zone, your productivity is satisfactory, business is booming - but then one day it just hits you like a block...

Heather Gingrich

Hire an expert graphic designer & web developer with 6+ years of experience.

Heather specializes in branding & logo design, web design & dev, and print design. Her strengths include persistent communication with her clients, time management, and excellent customer service. Heather wants to make the world of business online and offline a little bit easier to manage, and seeks to satisfy her clients to the fullest extent, assisting with numerous technical tasks that may prove challenging for them and taking the visual appeal of their brands to the next level.

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