Logo Design and Branding in Detroit, MI


Branding your business or organization isn’t just about drawing up a logo and calling it a day. Your brand is what makes you stand out from the crowd, so we invest time into making sure that personality flows through all of our work to attract customers who will love who you are as much as they love what you do. In order to succeed, a strong branding strategy is important. In addition to the logo you create for your business or organization, there are many other aspects that go into making up a brand including color schemes and visual identity; your tone of voice should be witty while still being professional in nature. Your goal with branding is appealing not only to potential customers but also stomping on competitors who may take over if you don’t have an effective plan going forward! We’ll evaluate your competitors and what you currently come to the table with compared to them, looking at every fine detail so that no one can get a leg up, but you. In doing so, we will formulate strategies that are sure to win over customers everywhere!

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