Branding & Logo Design

Music Beat

I have worked for Kids Music Beat/Boppin’ Babies for nearly 6 years, so I was excited when Jose told me that they were considering rebranding and combining both brands! Music Beat’s old logo was very colorful, but also lacking visual elements. The Boppin’ Babies logo was colorful as well, but a little busy! Jose wanted something clean and still recognizable and true to the Boppin’ Babies brand, since they were so well known in the community already with that brand.

  • 1 First, I removed the baby and the extra instruments around the Boppin’ Babies logo to simplify it.
  • 2 Next, I added in the “Kids” box to the logo.
  • 3 After that, I played with the color palette that Jose and I decided on until he was happy with the results. We ended up going with similar color positioning to the original Boppin’ Babies logo!
  • 4 Once the final version was approved, we created several different versions of the logo for Jose’s many branches of Music Beat!

different versions through the process

We played with several different color options and styles to arrive to our final version. Here are some of the variations we came up with.


About The Brand

Music Beat Australia provides community music groups, music early learning, education and therapy programs for children and adults of all abilities. They also specialize in supplying music instruments and products for parents, music educators and music therapists. Music Beat is owned by Jose Abad and his wife Dr. Vicky Abad, who I had the pleasure of working with for nearly 6 years!

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