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I met Lila Schneider, Founder of an amazing Marketing Agency called Let’s B Media through a mutual connection in July 2020. She was looking to revamp her site and add more color to it before running some campaigns that would generate more leads so she could draw more attention to it. Immediately, I knew that collaborating with her would be fun and redoing this site would be a great opportunity to showcase my illustration skills! I had a couple things in mind. Overall, I’d have to say this is by far one of my FAVORITE projects I have had the pleasure of working on. Lila really let me go all out in the creativity department.

color scheme

We started off toying with the idea of different color schemes! Lila had been used to just black, white and her signature blue, so we took our time making sure we got it right. We tried out adding orange first, which Lila didn't really like right off the bat, so we tried green, which wasn't a winner either. We played around with different shades and we finally came up with the A+ color scheme used in our final version of the site!


Lila knew she wanted to play around with her current font pairings. The Original site was using Bebas Neue, Montserrat, and Open Sans, which are not bad fonts at all, but we wanted to do something a little more with the body copy. We decided to nix the Montserrat and Open sans, and use just Bebas Neue for Headings, and Abel for body copy! The result was stunning and looks great!

I'm a nice heading in Bebas Neue!

And I'm an awesome paragraph in Abel font, yay! Aesthetic font pairings!

custom icons

This was the BEST part of the whole site. I LOVE drawing and I especially love drawing when it breathes a new life into a brand. It's my belief that having original images really sets you apart from the rest, and we definitely made Let's B Media stand out with these.


About Let's B Media


Let’s B Media is an innovative company that wants to help business owners monetize the digital landscape through utilizing our knowledge and experience with technology, software and marketing.

Lila's Thoughts

Overall, Lila absolutely loved the final result and asked me to be a part of the Let's B Media team, which is an offer I certainly took her up on! I'm excited to be a part of such a versatile marketing agency that does quality work for their customers. Lila and I will continue to work together for years to come.


Heather truly defines the phrase "above and beyond". She always meets her deadlines and surpasses expectations. Additionally, she is a true pleasure to collaborate with. I highly recommend Heather.

Lila Schneider


Let's B Media LLC

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