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Email marketing is the process of using email to send messages, typically including a commercial message and/or advertising material (e.g., discount offers) to an audience who has shown interest in the products or services by either direct contact with the company's website through incoming web traffic, a purchase at the physical store location, opting-in to receive emails from that organization.

Email marketing is important because it can be used to sell products, build loyalty, and communicate with customers. It is also a great way for businesses of all sizes to stay in touch quickly without having to spend time on other marketing methods such as social media or print advertisements.



Email Design

Welcome emails are usually sent when someone subscribes for their first time. Welcome emails are also sent to new customers asking them if they had a good experience with the product or service.

Welcome emails are a great way to promote other products or services that the company offers to a new customer. Welcome emails are also a great way to get people interested in what is coming next for them from your business by letting them know about new arrivals, sales events, and special deals.



Email design

Email newsletters are a good tool to keep in touch with customers and potential customers. Email newsletters generally have a specific theme or message that is sent to the subscriber, such as “the best of what’s new from our company". The goal of an email newsletter should be to provide information about products or services which will keep someone informed on your business while also providing customer.

Good email newsletters will have interesting and attention-grabbing subject lines to get people interested in reading the email. It is also important that it does not look spammy because statistics show nearly 60 billion junk emails will be sent each day in the next 4 years.

Studies also show that Up to 60% of email opens will occur on mobile devices, increasing the importance of good design. The best email newsletters are the ones that have been formatted for a mobile device. These emails will automatically adjust to fit any screen size, and studies show they get opened more often than those which don’t offer this functionality.


Lead Nurturing

Email Design

Lead Nurturing Emails are typically sent to subscribers after they have entered their info to gain access to a free resource. These emails are also known as drip email campaigns. They can contain an automatic welcome message, a series of informative articles and infographics about the topic they’ve signed up for, or even offers to purchase products related to their interests.

The best Lead Nurturing Emails will give subscribers access to exclusive content that is not found on the company site. In order for a lead nurturing campaign to be successful, you need an expert (like us!) to strategically plan out the email sequence and design, otherwise, you can potentially end up wasting your time or annoying readers so that they unsubscribe.



Email Design

Transactional emails are the easiest to execute. They are a series of emails that include order confirmation, shipping notification, and receipt email. Transactional emails are sent in the same sequence as you would receive them when interacting with an e-commerce site (think Amazon!)

In order to make your customers feel safe, secure, and excited about their orders, you need to make sure your transactional emails are on brand and aligned with your business goals.



Email Design

Re-engagement emails are emails you send to customers after they have interacted with you.

Re-engagement emails can be sent when someone has visited your website or clicked on one of your ads, but their activity is low and considered "inactive." These are some techniques for re-engaging an inactive customer that we specialize in.

Abandoned Cart Emails

If a visitor abandons the purchase process at any point in time before completing it, they should receive this email that offers them another opportunity to complete the transaction. It's important to note that these types of transactional emails will only work if visitors know what cart abandonment means, so make sure you explain to the customer in a way that makes sense, such as "we noticed that you left your shopping cart without completing the purchase. Below is a list of items with prices and descriptions to help you complete your order."

Gift Certificates & Coupons

These act as a sales tactic for customers who are currently shopping and are taking a while, indicating they may be on the fence about a purchase. Adding these features will help motivate your visitors into completing their purchase, as well as giving them more reasons to buy from your site in general.

Product Recommendations

Offering recommendations is an excellent way of enticing prospects who have abandoned their cart but haven't left the site yet or moved on completely. These work especially well if they're personalized based on previous purchases or browsing behavior.


Brand Story

Email Design

Sometimes, people just want to relax and read a good story. Take this as an opportunity to put a humanized feel to your brand.

These emails could include a recap of the latest news for your company. You could also send out some interesting industry facts or stories about how you got started in business and what values define your brand's mission.

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