Social Media Marketing

Streamline building an online presence

Are you looking for a foolproof social media marketing strategy? HG Creative CO. offers the best in Social Media Marketing services. We have been working with small and large businesses to help them grow their online presence through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and more! Our team of experts can create engaging content that will get your message across to your target audience. We also offer graphic design services so you don’t have to worry about creating graphics for your business or blog posts. If You want an effective way to reach new customers and keep existing ones coming back for more, let us handle all of your social media needs! We know how important it is to be on top of trends in order to stay relevant in today's world - we'll make sure you're always up-to-date with what's going on!


Social Media Strategy

Looking for a time-tested social media strategy that will guarantee results? Our social media strategy services are a perfect solution. You'll get a custom social media strategy tailored to your brand that will allow you to keep up with the latest trends while providing optimal visibility on multiple channels.




Every social media strategy needs a carefully thought-out editorial calendar. This calendar will house your copy, your images, where you're posting, and when you're posting. Our team will help you create a calendar that is built to fit the rhythm of your brand so that you can provide quality updates on social media without feeling overwhelmed.



Identification and report

In order to properly execute a social media strategy, you need to clearly define objectives. With our social media strategy, you will get your custom goals and objectives sheet that will help you execute your plan of attack and help you create a strategy that will be successful for your brand. This sheet will also include things like your potential audience and your goals for each social media channel.



and Analytic REports

There is no better way to adjust your strategy than to analyze the numbers. We'll keep up with your metrics and analytics for each social media channel so that you can see what gets you results and what doesn't. See monthly how many new followers you have for your pages, or how much your visitors engaged with your posts.


Social Media Ad Design

Do you need a visually stunning social media ad design that makes feed dwellers stop scrolling? Our designers will create engaging ads that catch the eye and make people want to click. We'll design graphics, infographics, videos, memes, or GIFs that are perfect for your page. With amazing social media ad design, you can advertise your services, tell your story and inspire people with your brand.



Ad Design

Facebook ads should be targeted to reach your specific audience. How do you know what they're interested in? You provide the information and we design ads that speak directly to them! We'll help you identify which audiences will want your content so that when those people see it, they click on it.

We create on-brand Facebook ad designs for your business that get results.



Ad Design

Instagram is very visually inclined, with most images uploaded being images of people, food, or faces. We keep this in mind when crafting your posts to ensure your posts get high engagement and conversion.



Ad Design

Pinterest is the platform that creatives and business people find to be the most beneficial. With Pinterest alone, there are more than 100 million active users that spend over 30 minutes on the platform every day! We'll design your ads for optimal success and help you get found so that when they're looking online for what you have to offer, they come across yours first.



Ad Design

LinkedIn is the hub for everything professional and one of the most important places to market yourself for a shot at big-name jobs. We'll help you design and set up LinkedIn ads that will have a lasting effect on your career prospects.



Ad Design

Twitter is the home of short and sweet, which means with very few words, you need to make a strong impression. In order to do so, we'll help you design and set up ads that will be pleasing to the eye, memorable, and effective to go along with short and snappy headlines.


Social Media Assets

Your social media assets are essentially an extension of your branding. So to make sure that your social media presence is on-point every time, we'll help you design templates and branded assets for all of the most popular platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.


Avatar Design

For Social Media

Do you need an avatar design with your logo that represents your brand on social media? We've got you covered. Our designers will create a custom, branded avatar for your social media accounts in no time at all. Your avatars will be custom-sized to each platform to ensure your logo appears sharp in every place.


Cover Design

For Social Media

While social media is limited in what you can do to your page from a design standpoint, a social media cover design is where you can have a lot of freedom to show your brand's personality. From a design perspective, these images typically have the best visibility on social media. So if you're trying to get your brand out there and want the most exposure possible, this is an excellent way to do so.

We'll help you create an attractive cover for all of your social media accounts that will make it easy for people who follow or like your account to identify it as yours without even reading anything about what you post. These covers also become representative of your company's aesthetic style as well which can be appealing when many companies are looking at hiring new talent based on their skillset across various platforms.

Facebook Cover Design

We'll design a custom-sized Facebook cover design that will be the "face" of your Facebook page. We'll create a cover photo design that draws the potential customer's attention to call-to-actions, such as your phone number or email, or to your website for more info.

Twitter Cover Design

We'll design a Twitter cover design that gives your Twitter page personality. We'll keep it short and sweet, but powerful, to draw the onlookers to your points of interest

LinkedIn Cover Design

We'll design a professional and modern LinkedIn Cover design to portray you as a power player in your industry or business niche. You'll impress potential job prospects with your strong attention to every detail of making your page and profile look sleek.

Youtube Channel Cover Design

We'll match your Youtube channel's video style with the perfect youtube cover design that will display to your subscribers, viewers, and potential subscribers what you're all about. Your channel will be memorable and professional with the Youtube Cover design you choose.


Pinterest Board

Thumbnail Design

Keep a creative and organized vibe going on your Pinterest page by dressing up your Pinterest board thumbnails with amazing Pinterest board thumbnail designs. Show the artsy people of Pinterest what your pins are all about and what you're all about.


Story Post


Do you need a social media story design?

We specialize in designing beautiful, engaging story posts for your social media channels. We work with businesses to create visually stunning content that will make followers want to come back again and again. We will help you grow your business through the power of storytelling.

Facebook Story Design

Let your brand shine on your Facebook story with a Facebook story design. Your followers will enjoy clicking through your story as they watch your day unfold in front of them, giving you another way to engage with them.

Instagram Story Design

Give users clicking through your Instagram story something pretty to look at that's not just a picture of your food. Spice it up with Instagram story designs that are as unique as your presence online.

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