custom and on-brand illustrations

We are an illustration agency that specializes in designing illustrations for any industry. With over two decades of experience, we have the expertise to create some of the most stunning visuals you will find anywhere.

We offer a wide range of services including custom illustration projects, icon set illustration, SVG illustration and animation, brand and business illustration, vector illustration, t-shirt illustration, and mug illustration.

Illustration Services

Icon Set Illustration

We specialize in icon set illustration of all kinds. Whether you need icons for a website, PowerPoint presentation or another design project we have the expertise to create exactly what you are looking for. We can provide custom icon set illustrations with your own graphic elements and style – it will be as if our talented artists were drawing in your personal style!

SVG Illustration & Animation

We love doing SVG illustrations and animations. SVG art has clean lines that are perfect for logos, icons, or custom illustrations. SVGs also are page load friendly and are an ideal way to add animation and interactivity that is just not possible with other formats.

Brand and Business Illustration

We love to work with companies and brands by designing custom imagery that captures the essence of their brand in a cohesive way. Our illustrators will work closely with your team to give you what is needed to make your brand pop.

Vector Illustration

HG Creative CO does vector illustrations that can be used for years to come. You'll get the source files, deliverables and we'll start a relationship.

T-Shirt Illustration

We love to do custom illustrations for t-shirts and apparel! We know you want something that is going to last and our talented illustrators will make sure your design looks great on any shirt, HG Creative CO loves to take your designs and turn them into beautiful, professional T-shirts that you can sell on the internet or at your next tradeshow.

Sticker Illustration

Stickers can be used for just about anything, with examples including, bumper sticker or even something to put on an envelope. HG Creative CO loves stickers and we have the experience needed to create your custom illustration by drawing it up digitally for you before sending it off to be professionally printed onto vinyl so that when people see your sticker they'll know who made it!

Mug Illustration

Want a mug that will make everyone on your next zoom meeting jealous? We'll give you the artwork and design that will make your next mug as bright as your personality or brand.

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