Print Design

Bluetooth Beanie

Seth needed a small instructions booklet for his Ampcaddy Bluetooth Beanie. He wanted to display the other products Ampcaddy offers along with it and noted the design is the most important thing. Seth provided pictures of the final printed product and it’s on par!

About The Brand

Ampcaddy was founded with the vision of making golf more fun and has been rocking the course since 2014. Ampcaddy was first conceptualized in 2011 at a fun Southern California scramble event that was inventively enhanced with music. After 3 years of working with a team of audio engineers to assemble the perfect components to ensure durability, audio quality, and battery life, the first Ampcaddy speaker was born.  In 2014, the Ampcaddy team proudly launched the first portable bluetooth speaker designed to mount to any golf cart.

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